And I mean real revolution, well not necessarily grabbing guns and heading to the hills but time to stand up and be counted. I believe that society is most benefited when it applies compassion and justice toward its members. A society in constant economic crisis, whether by design or accident, ceases to stay enlightened by leading its members toward a state of chaos. Capitalism at its most unbridled, which it is now, perhaps better called corporate capitalism, feeds on its own destruction. It shows no remorse, no love, no equality and everyone except for a very few are its victims.

Wouldn't it be better to be just a little red? A touch or socialist ideals, a dash of egalitarianism or a drop of equal wealth distribution. I don't suggest we go backward in time but that we take some very sensible ideas about work and wages and go forward. Aren't things better when everyone has a chance? Why not try being a little red.

 What have we learned so far from Occupy Wall Street?  We have learned that we are not alone.